21 januari 2011


With a lot of hurt and frustration I packed the Balenciaga package to send it back. I was on my way out and realised I forgot to write my own address on it too. So went back in and grabbed a pen from my mom's penholder. Even with all the frustrations I already had, the ink couldn't even last until I wrote my whole damn address! Went to grab another pen and then.... I saw 2 F's on the top of the pen. First thing I thought: "hahahah LOL, they even steal the Fendi sign for pens now?" Then I saw 'Fendi' on the pen.... I was kind of flabbergasted.... It's a Fendi pen?? wtf my mom has a Fendi pen?? Hmm it does feel kind of heavy for a pen.. It's a real Fendi pen???

Yes it's Fendi pen!

Hmm I should dig into my mom's stuff more often.. Already found cool fur coats, Longchamp gloves, a vintage Burberry bag.... what's next?

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