28 januari 2011


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Yes, these are my beloved Balenciaga wedges! Don't they just look like a piece of art? I love the way Balenciaga combined the leather and the suede and the fold that just wraps around your ankle. At first I was really sad about the Balenciaga booties (remember? no? *click*), but after I received these beauties (and they did fit me perfectly)........ --> :D :D :D These wedges are just soooo cool, rock&roll, pretty, arty, comfortable, beautiful, badass, get the point: they're perfect!!!!

....I'm just so easy to cheer up.. just give me a new pair of shoes (or something like a new bag, clothes, jewelry) and it's all good! :p *wink to my (also beloved) bf*

Up next: my Vivienne Westwood booties

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