28 januari 2011


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Yes, these are my beloved Balenciaga wedges! Don't they just look like a piece of art? I love the way Balenciaga combined the leather and the suede and the fold that just wraps around your ankle. At first I was really sad about the Balenciaga booties (remember? no? *click*), but after I received these beauties (and they did fit me perfectly)........ --> :D :D :D These wedges are just soooo cool, rock&roll, pretty, arty, comfortable, beautiful, badass, get the point: they're perfect!!!!

....I'm just so easy to cheer up.. just give me a new pair of shoes (or something like a new bag, clothes, jewelry) and it's all good! :p *wink to my (also beloved) bf*

Up next: my Vivienne Westwood booties

24 januari 2011

Full moon

Took out my bigass Carl zeiss lens and shot this photo (hand held). That lens (+ camera) is freaking heavy! But I think I did a pretty good job! It almost looks like the photo on Wikipedia :P

So this is what the moon sort of looks like (if you didn't know)

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21 januari 2011


With a lot of hurt and frustration I packed the Balenciaga package to send it back. I was on my way out and realised I forgot to write my own address on it too. So went back in and grabbed a pen from my mom's penholder. Even with all the frustrations I already had, the ink couldn't even last until I wrote my whole damn address! Went to grab another pen and then.... I saw 2 F's on the top of the pen. First thing I thought: "hahahah LOL, they even steal the Fendi sign for pens now?" Then I saw 'Fendi' on the pen.... I was kind of flabbergasted.... It's a Fendi pen?? wtf my mom has a Fendi pen?? Hmm it does feel kind of heavy for a pen.. It's a real Fendi pen???

Yes it's Fendi pen!

Hmm I should dig into my mom's stuff more often.. Already found cool fur coats, Longchamp gloves, a vintage Burberry bag.... what's next?

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20 januari 2011

19 januari 2011

Tears deep within my soul

Got them booties...They are sooo b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!! *sigh* unfortunately I gotta send them back.. the shaft was too small for my humongous calves &*(^&%&^%# They would've been so perfect :( I'm so sad..

And on goes my endless search for the perfect black knee high high heeled boots......

But the good part of all this (hopefully good part) is I ordered another pair of Balenciaga booties! ankle high wedges! Every girl needs a good pair of wedges too right? :p

16 januari 2011


Did I really just order Balenciaga booties?? Hmm yes I did :D :D

Almost surreal

Just a couple of 'weird', almost surreal pics I took a while ago in the middle of the night.

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15 januari 2011


Lol.. I found 1 small(er) (and thinner) car in my Autodrop box!

*I know.... It doesn't sound funny at all... But it is to me!

13 januari 2011


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For real.. Why don't they sell Doritos Honey roasted in the Netherlands? Bought it a while ago in Antwerp and I like I like I like!

*just found out there are like another 50 flavours I didn't know the existence of...
1ST DEGREE BURN Blazin' Jalapeno, 2ND DEGREE BURN Fiery Buffalo, 3RD DEGREE BURN Scorchin' Habanero, BLAZIN' BUFFALO & RANCH, COLLISIONS Cheesy Enchilada and Sour Cream , COLLISIONS PIZZA CRAVERS and Ranch, LATE NIGHT ALL NIGHTER Cheeseburger,
LATE NIGHT Last Call Jalapeno Popper, LATE NIGHT Tacos AT MIDNIGHT, Salsa Verde,
Spicy Nacho, Spicy Sweet Chili, Toasted Corn....
Did you know?

4 januari 2011

You makes me swoon

I love bags! I'm a total sucka for big beautiful bags! Soooo about 2 weeks ago I ordered a bag online (on sale! Yeah!).. A big slouchy bag! I loved slouchy bags since the Gucci Hobo bag. Today I received the bag...

Hmm the bag is HUGE and it's not the most flattering shape (it shows in pics)....
But I'll keep it, because the leather makes me swoon...*sigh*

Another bag in my way too big (but small if you only count my leather ones) bag collection..

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*It may sound as if I hate the bag, nevertheless I love the bag as much as I love my other bags :) It just wasn't love at first sight

3 januari 2011


New years eve was definitely not one of my better photography days... I made a loooooot of UGLY ASS pictures :) Besides my horrible timing.. there was too much fog, no big, cool fireworks in the neighborhood and a lot of trees in between me and the fireworks....

2 januari 2011


Lol my mom's deformed but great tasting oliebollen!