21 december 2010

Sushi roll

I love ricecrackers! Especially the ones with the seaweed wrapped around! I always thought about how great it would be if they made bags with only that type of ricecrackers (yumm!).... And there (at the asian supermarket) it was... The bag of my thoughts! A bag full of those type of rice crackers!! Had to buy it ofcourse! :D Ok, O M G.....

The good part is that I found what I was looking for.... Unfortunatly..... they taste like sh*t!What a HUGE disappointment! Or else it would've been the perfect snack... *sigh*

What I suprisingly really really loved was the toblerone limited edition (swiss milk chocolate with a white chocolate cream filling and honey and almond nougat) I bought at a drugstore! I always loved toblerone, but I love this toblerone at least 10 times more! It's so good!

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