31 december 2010


A few of my favourites of 2010...

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My Vivienne Westwood rainboots came in today and yesss they fit perfectly (I'm a size 4 uk, but ordered a 6)! I love em! They're too adorable (nooo certainly not ordinary rainboots!), but the bubblegum scent (the boots are scented) makes me really I mean really nauseous...

29 december 2010

23 december 2010

Vivienne Westwood

Couldn't sleep (still can't sleep)... so went online...... and out of nowhere I saw the Vivienne Westwood rain boots (Anglomania for Melissa bow detail ankle boot in black) I wanted (but were out of stock everywhere) on sale....and couldn't help myself.....I'm truly sorry bank account....

On my way to the examhall

Wow it looks so beautiful!

Upload went wrong yesterday

21 december 2010

Sushi roll

I love ricecrackers! Especially the ones with the seaweed wrapped around! I always thought about how great it would be if they made bags with only that type of ricecrackers (yumm!).... And there (at the asian supermarket) it was... The bag of my thoughts! A bag full of those type of rice crackers!! Had to buy it ofcourse! :D Ok, O M G.....

The good part is that I found what I was looking for.... Unfortunatly..... they taste like sh*t!What a HUGE disappointment! Or else it would've been the perfect snack... *sigh*

What I suprisingly really really loved was the toblerone limited edition (swiss milk chocolate with a white chocolate cream filling and honey and almond nougat) I bought at a drugstore! I always loved toblerone, but I love this toblerone at least 10 times more! It's so good!


18 december 2010


Found some nice vintage (fake & real) fur coats in my moms closet :o

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How to survive the cold winter days..

..Hot chocolate & a lot of whipped cream!

..(cherry) pit stone pillows

17 december 2010

Snowball fight? :p

So glad I just bought snowboots! :D Love 'm!

Please let me get home...

It's a complete chaos in 'de Randstad' because of the snow!

update:Got home around 6! Yup, about 2,5 hours later (instead of a 25 minute ride)! But I was lucky because a few friends of mine couldn't even get home...

16 december 2010

15 december 2010

Studying the shopping mall

O gosh.. I did a lot of useless things today (yesterday) instead of studying for my exams...

13 december 2010

It's so freaking cold...

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Hot dog!

Gotta eat something for breakfast right? :p
Hmm next question... how am I going to eat this (remember wisdomteeth?).....

* Chop it up!

10 december 2010

Amsterdam - Dam

(student) demonstration against cuts

6 december 2010

Wisdom teeth

Just got 2 of 'em (the 2 crossed ones) removed today!

Oh ooh... I think the painkillers are no longer effective... Can't have my next dose until bedtime -_-"

4 december 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

I seriously need some snowboots...

3 december 2010

Macro Bellow II

Just made some quick testshots with the macro bellow I received yesterday for you to see what you could capture with a camera, lens and the bellow! I used a 50mm lens.
I still have to figure it out, so some photos are kind of off focus..

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* Big photo: a used teabag
other photos from left to right: a slice of bread, computerscreen, highlighter and again the teabag

2 december 2010

Winterland Amsterdam

Macro bellow

Finally after a month (stupid shipping)... my macro bellow for my camera! Imma try it out soooonnnn :D