29 september 2010

Sometimes, you like to let the hair do the talking

Just got a haircut and my mom doesn't like it :)
sorry no photo yet

26 september 2010

Damn mosquito!

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A mosquito just bit me! Arghh!!
But I killed him :) that's for drinking my blood (yeah that's my blood u see) u bloody bastard!!! :@

UPDATE: I already killed 2 mosquitoes tonight, but guess there was another one who took revenge for killing his friends... I got bit on my eyelid and now my whole freaking eye is swolen like I got punched in the eye...

the photos are taken with my phone that explains the crappiness of the photos

23 september 2010

What hurts more, the anticipation or the bullet?

17 september 2010

What is it?

I always see this 'thing' on a table in the train and I always wonder what it is... Is it a bird on a tree bough? (Is it even 'art'?) Or is it just a mark on the table? Hmm...

16 september 2010

Waiting for my bus

1 little pink cloud :)

15 september 2010

Alexander McQueen Clutch

O M G! Have you seen the Alexander McQueen Knuckle Duster Skull Clutch yet? I think I'm in love!

14 september 2010

'By nature all free, equal and independent' - John Locke

I'm finally doing some reading for school.. or at least I'm trying really really hard to..

Scheveningen International Fireworks Festival II

Yes, the fireworks festival I went to about a month ago... hihi

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13 september 2010

Black sesame

I like black sesame ice cream (yummie!), but I don't like moon cake with black sesame (paste?). My mom just made me eat that! -_-"