24 juli 2010


Today was the worst day of my life with a DSLR. One of my favorite lenses (Canon 35-70mm f3.5-4.5 with macro ability) fell in the water.... f*ck....

My mom wanted to do some groceries at a supermarket about 10/15 minutes from home. I decided to go with her. We went by bike and I took my camera with me just in case. Nearby the supermarket was a lake with a lot of green. I love to take photos of nature! I just had to take some photos there. So I stayed at the lake until my mom was done with the groceries. I parked my bike and started shooting. Everything went well (I was more worried I would fall into the lake) until I wanted to change the lens, because I needed the lens with the polarization filter on it... I took the other lens off and it just slided through my fingers and rolled right into the lake! Plop! I really cried like a little girl... and tried to save it, but couldn't find it. I called my mom in tears and she came looking for the lens with me.. Thank God, she found my lens!!!! It was already soaked though... We went right back home and my mom blow dried it. It actually worked! Yeah, my lens is dry! Whiiiieeee!! It does has a few water stains, but didn't saw that back in the testshots I took. I Haven't tried the autofocus yet, but I want to let it really dry before I try that out. Hopefully it will work fine (I don't think it will, but hey gotta think positive!) :). If not, I can still use the manual focus. I'm just glad to have my lens back!

Thanks mom! (L)

Here are some photos I took before the disaster.

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