27 mei 2010

The lens catches a fish on the point of escaping, as a net could never do

Not so long ago I started looking (in 2nd hand stores and flea markets) at old lenses that fit my Canon. It's not like I really go out to search for it, but when I see a cheap lens (I'll probably won't pay more than €10-€20 for it) I'll buy it! So far I found 1 (Auto Revuenon 200mm f/3,5)...

Yesterday I got a surprise! A Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 300mm f/4 lens. A real Carl Zeiss lens! (at least it says Carl Zeiss :p) This thing is huge.. and when I say huge I really mean HUGEEEEE! That thing weighs like 2kg! It still has all the books and even the warranty with a stamp of the date the owner bought it. He/She bought it on September 21st in 1976. That's like 34 years ago! Woooow! I don't know how the lens optically is, but it's pretty cool to say I got a Carl Zeiss lens :p

My bf just ordered a M42 adapter for me (thanks JayJay!), so photos made with the lenses will follow soon. I saw a photo of the moon made with the CZJ!

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