21 mei 2010

Lawyers: blood-sucking parasites

Today I went to Loyens & Loeff for a training for my upcoming test (Law of obligations). It was a training given by 2 lawyers and a student. After the 3 hour training we had a couple of drinks with everybody (the teachers/lawyers and all the students who participated in the training).

Loyens & Loeff is a Dutch law firm with establishments all over the world. The inside of the building was very impressive! Too bad I don't have photos of the inside. It used to be 3 buildings and they turned it into 1 big building (you can see it in the photo; you see 3 different types of buildings next to each other). The outside doesn't do the inside justice! On the outside it kind of looks weird, but the inside is sooo open and sooo big. I totally didn't expect that. It has a HUGE atrium in the middle and all the offices are around this atrium. The inside of the building kind of has an old feel to it (a lot of wood), but also a modern feel (a lot of glass and straight lines). Very nice! I like it a lot!

and now... back to my little 'office' -_-"

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