6 mei 2010

A dream come true...

Through the years I used numerous compact cameras from unknown brands to Sony, Canon and Nikon. I've been ready for a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera like forever, but the money/price was always a big issue. So I just put the whole DSLR thing as far back in my mind as I could and tried to not crave for something like that until I could afford it...

Yesterday (on V-E day) a dream came true for me. My bf bought me my first DSLR for my birthday!!! I'm so freaking HAPPY!!! :D

The big day
Our original plan was to buy my camera after my exams, so I could focus on my exams and not take photos all day. But plan changed! What the heck! Still plenty of time to make photos and study :p Tuesday would've been the big day, but my bf had to work till 6 PM and because of Remembrance of the Dead on May 4th the store closed at 6 PM :( So the next day after breakfast (9.30 AM, that's pretty early for me!) we went to the store. I tried to stay calm, but I was so freaking nervous, happy, scared, anxious... 1000 emotions running through me! This is something I wanted for such a long time and I couldn't believe that a DSLR actually would be mine in a few minutes. On my way to the checkout I felt like a bride with a flower bouquet in her hands walking down the aisle. I know it sounds silly, but that's what went though my mind (don't ask me why).
On our way back home I was all happy and teary eyed of happiness, but everything totally changed when I opened the box at home..... It was a used camera? IT WASN'T BRAND NEW! )&*&&%$#_@#%&*)*()*&%@!!!@#* The LCD-screen had a few scratches, the lens was dirty, it has already been unboxed... my heart sank...... -sigh-
We went back to the store and I got a brand new box (checked it thoroughly ofcourse). The salesman didn't look suprised at all. Bastard! He probably knew! :@
But onces again.. on our way home... I couldn't be happier!

These are probably one of the few last photos with my compact camera(s) that I love dearly...

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*oops! Didn't clean my LCD before I took a pic

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Proud owner of a Canon EOS 550d aka Rebel T2i aka Kiss X4 Digital

One day I hope I'll make photos (almost) as beautiful/cool/extraordinary as the professionals! :) and be a great model ahhahah! No just kidding! Even though I love love love making photos, I hate being in/posing for photos! I'd rather be behind the camera! (I admit... it's probably lack of confidence and patience in front of the camera hihi)

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jmediadump zei

I love to see you happy like that :)

Hue zei

Aw je hebt hem eindelijk! Deze wel uit Japan? haha

Cecilia zei

Jaa! Uit Japan hahah :p

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